Premium Solar Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island

Hakai Energy is an electrical contractor specializing in custom solar energy systems, both residential and commercial.

Residential Services

Transition your home to cleaner, greener electricity with discrete solar panels or EV chargers. Reduce your dependence on utility generated electricity and see significant savings.

Commercial Systems

Implement one of our state-of-the-art solar solutions for municipalities and institutions, remote lodges, and micro-grid communities. Harness the power of the sun and go green.

Providing Comprehensive Solar Solutions for Both Residential and Commercial Spaces.

Hakai Energy Solutions is the largest solar energy company owned and operated in BC. Hakai Energy is based in Cumberland, on the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K’omoks First Nation, located on Vancouver Island. Hakai Energy’s extensive project portfolio includes over a decade of design-build grid-tied and off-grid solar energy projects. Hakai Energy specializes in designing and building integrated remote, off-grid power systems, both commercial and residential, to help reduce dependency on diesel generators. The team works across western Canada, bringing cost-efficient and reliable energy solutions to tough, hard-to-reach locations.

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Vancouver Fire Hall No. 17

The Vancouver Firehall #17 is the first firehall in Canada to achieve the zero-carbon accreditation. Hakai Energy is pleased to have been part of this impressive project, and delivered the project's solar scope.

Richmond Brighouse Fire Hall No. 1

In July 2020, our team installed 136 solar panels on this post-disaster response center, carefully integrating the array into the rooftop structure in compliance with the strictest code requirements.

Comox Valley Regional District Goes Solar

The new Comox Valley Regional District building has incorporated a number of sustainable features, such as 45 rooftop solar panels.

Selkirk College, Castlegar

Located in Castlegar, BC, Selkirk College is dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change and putting sustainability into the learning environment.

Naghtaneqed School Solar Project

At Naghtaneqed Elementary Junior Secondary School in Nemaiah Valley, diesel-electric generators had been the sole source of electrical energy for over 45 years.

False Bay School, Lasqueti Island

Hakai Energy Solutions helped this unique Gulf Island community sustain independence from the BC Hydro grid and incur a lifetime savings of almost $600,000, assisting to operate their off-grid community school.

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