Solar Calculator

Solar Savings Calculator

Wondering how much you could save with a solar energy system? Use our calculator to find out.

How much can I save with solar?

Solar panels provide long-term, ongoing returns on your initial investment. The exact amount you’ll save depends on a number of factors, including the size of the solar array and the rate at which grid energy costs increase. Once your solar panels are installed, they’ll be generating energy at no additional cost — so when grid prices rise, so do your savings.


Calculate your solar ROI over 30 years

Solar system for long-term energy savings

Once you’ve made an initial investment in a solar energy system, your grid energy costs will drop significantly. Making this valuable hedge against unpredictable future price increases effectively “locks in” low energy costs. Estimate how much of your home’s power needs come from a solar array to see how dramatically your future spending can be reduced. The upper red portion of the chart is money you’ll save.


Calculate your savings based on grid energy costs