Container Box Solar

Container Box Systems

Our container box systems bring self-contained, highly-reliable power generation and communications to any point on earth.

Over the past decade, Hakai has developed a reliable and efficient framework that has made our systems into deployable energy solutions for customers worldwide. These systems are fully customizable to accommodate your requirements. The core components may include a solar array, generator (either diesel or propane), a battery system and power inverter, satellite communications plus remote monitoring and management tools.

  • Constant reliable power
  • Safe, secure and portable
  • Scalable to your requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Remotely managed
  • Voice and video communications

Purpose Built

Each container system is custom-built for your site and your situation. They are built for all weather conditions and take advantage of whichever fuel source is best for the setting. In addition to the core system, we can integrate sensors, wifi access, cameras or anything else you can imagine.

Self-Contained, Self-Sufficient

Our container systems are designed to run without intervention in harsh and remote terrain. They include full environmental safeguards: they’re insulated, ventilated and can be heated or cooled as needed. They’re fully automated so there is little maintenance burden on your crew. Just add fuel and it’s fully operational.

Easy Installation, Fully Supported

The boxes are built on Vancouver Island and our crew comes to your site to take care of the final installation and commissioning. You’ll have reliable power and internet connectivity immediately. Once the system is commissioned it can be remotely monitored for proper operation and adjustments can be made on-the-fly.

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