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Tailored Solar Energy Systems for Remote Cabins

Power your off-grid lifestyle with a custom solar energy installation from the professionals at Hakai

Unmatched Reliability, Silent Operation, and Low Maintenance

Hakai has years of experience in designing and constructing renewable energy systems for off-grid applications. We carefully consider design-build projects for recreational cabins on a case-by-case basis, and only accept a limited amount of these projects per year.

For project consideration, and a free assessment, please contact us through the form below. The factors we consider include project size and scope, location, capacity, experience with off-grid living, and budget.

All of Hakai’s chosen projects receive customized design executed by highly trained, specialized technicians. System components are selected from a small group of choice products that are hardened, proven technologies. Each system is protected by a long-term service agreement that ensures the proper, safe and successful operation of the system.


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