Tailored Solar Solutions for Diverse Commercial Needs

Hakai's wide range of commercial solar energy solutions include large-scale energy systems for municipalities and institutions, remote lodges, and microgrid communities.

Integrated solar solutions for any situation

Hakai Energy Solutions customizes and installs large solar energy arrays across the west coast. We work with government agencies, environmental researchers, remote accommodation providers and First Nation communities in the region to successfully deliver innovative solutions to some of the most persistent and constrictive energy problems.

Hakai’s highly qualified and experienced team will help you find the best renewable energy solution for your unique situation, reducing diesel reliance and providing alternatives to the escalating energy costs.

Vancouver Firehall Solar

Municipal and Institutional

Hakai specializes in designing and installing large-scale solar panel systems that transform idle roofs into energy-generating structures.

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Microgrid Energy Systems

Microgrid systems are standalone community-scale electrical distribution systems that reduce communities’ dependence on diesel-generated power.

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Container Box

Container Systems

Our container box systems bring self-contained, highly-reliable power generation and communications to any point on earth.

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Remote Solar Installation

Remote Off-Grid Lodges

Smart, reliable off-grid power is what makes the coast hospitable. We provide an advanced approach to private power generation on Canada’s West Coast.

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