We bring reliability, efficiency and comfort to the most remote sites on the coast.

About Hakai Energy

We’re a bonded electrical contractor specializing in remote, off-grid power systems. We work all over the BC coast, bringing reliable and cost efficient power to tough, off-the-beaten-path locations.

Demanding locations often need systems that have never existed before. Along the way we’ve developed our own technology (like container boxes and remote monitoring stations) to bring stability where it’s never existed before.


Hybrid systems take energy from multiple sources – solar to diesel to hydro-electric – effectively integrating them into a single, reliable power grid. An advanced integration system reduces diesel consumption and ensures a steady power supply regardless of which inputs are generating power.

HAKAI Energy Solutions works broadly across BC’s coastal margin, delivering energy systems to communities and businesses from Klemtu to Tofino. In working with government agencies, environmental researchers, and First Nation communities within the region, we’ve continually delivered innovative solutions to solve some of the most persistent and constrictive energy problems. Above the technical requirements, HAKAI Energy has been faced with logistical extremes and site restrictions in many forms. We welcome the call to provide alternatives to the escalating energy costs that challenge this region's future prosperity.


Our experienced full-time staff of licensed professionals include the following individual certifications and training.

Every field technician carries one or more of the qualifications listed below as a minimum, assuring a higher level of quality and safety to every project we deliver:

  • Red Seal Certified Journeyman Electrician
  • FSR Certified Journeyman Electrician
  • ITA Registered Electrical Apprentice
  • Additional certifications for field technicians employed on a permanent basis typically include:

  • NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional
  • Solar Installer Training certificate provided by other recognized, renewable energy training authority
  • First Aid and Professional Driver Training
  • Our in-house design team includes the following list of certifications and education:

  • CET Electrical Engineering Technology
  • M. Sc. Solar Energy Engineering
  • Advanced PV Design
  • Cummins Power Generation, Factory Certified

  • Our Team

    We’ve been able to attract some of the most talented red seal certified electricians in the business. Our ten person crew consists of journeymen electricians as well as fabricators and electronics specialists to design and build custom equipment.

    We’re based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, but spend most of the year up and down the BC coast with our customers.

    Administrative capacity includes these dedicated full-time roles that help ensure the development and delivery of successful projects:

  • IT professional/Network Engineer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Service and Operations Manager
  • Technical Sales Consultants
  • Date of Incorporation – 2011
    Number of Employees (full time, 2018) – 17
    Licensed Electrical Contractor, FSR Class ‘B’
    Headquartered in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island BC

    Members Of

    Hakai on the way to work in a boat
    The Hakai crew on site

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