136 solar panels on this post-disaster response center, carefully integrating the array into the rooftop structure.

November 10, 2020

Brighouse Fire Hall No. 1, in the heart of the City of Richmond, was built in 2018. At the time, the structure was designed to be a LEED Gold Certified building, and the vision included solar from the beginning. Following an extensive review process conducted between the city, a team of architects, the Roofing Association of BC, Structural and Electrical Engineers, and the firefighters themselves, Hakai Energy was awarded the contract.


In 2019, Hakai completed the design, installation, and commissioning of a 60kW grid interactive rooftop solar PV system on the flat roof of the newest Richmond fire hall. The Richmond Brighouse Fall Hall no. 1 now hosts a robust 136 solar PV panel array. The integrated ballasted racking system incorporates seismic restraint mounting and anchorage. A PV monitoring display screen is available in front lobby of the firehall, for facility managers and visitors to view energy yields and system operation.

Hakai Energy Solutions liaised with construction manager HCMA, engineering consultant AES, the RCABC, and the City of Richmond to deliver this installation with multiple supporting parties. This system is a community showcase of commitment to sustainability for the City of Richmond.

This grid-tied system is capable of generating up to 60,000kWh of electricity per year, while providing the fire hall with clean emission electricity. Excess electrical energy generated by the solar array will be exported back to the provincial utility grid.


System Performance Highlights

System TypeRoof TypeRacking SystemPhotovoltaicsInvertersAnnual PV Energy GenerationTotal Peak System Capacity
Grid-tied photovoltaicFlat, torch on roofBallasted flat roof mounting system(136) 435W50kWac output string inverter60,000kWh/Year60kWdc