Thompson River University, Williams Lake Campus

Achieving major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions—solar energy is bringing the university closer to its sustainability goals.

November 8, 2023

In 2019, Hakai designed, constructed and installed a (338) 385W panel solar array, producing a peak capacity of 130.10kWdc and 100kWac, was mounted on the roof of the Williams Lake Campus main building. The system was designed with commercial grade paralleled string inverters, on a flat roof ballasted racking system. Buildings on the TRU campus are designed with environmental sustainability in mind, making them ideal candidates to host the solar energy systems. TRU continues to grow their renewable energy assets on campus and positions themselves as a community leader in sustainability and climate action.

System Performance Highlights

System TypeRoof TypeRacking SystemPhotovoltaicsInvertersBuilding OperatorTotal Peak System Capacity
Grid-tied photovoltaicflat, torch-onballasted flat roof mounting system(338) 385W solar modulesparalleled string invertersThompson Rivers University – Williams Lake Campus130kWdc & 100kWac

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