Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex, Williams Lake

The City of Williams Lake is progressive in their climate action initiative, demonstrating proactive change in the community.

November 8, 2023

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex, in Williams Lake BC, is home to the local hockey arenas, pool, fitness centre, and other recreation amenities. The community facility now hosts a 227.5kW rooftop solar array. This massive infrastructure upgrade includes 500 solar modules mounted on a flat roof ballasted system on the centre roof. This system was integrated with paralleled commercial string inverters. A display monitor was installed in the main lobby, displaying real-time and historical data on the solar energy systems production. Ample roof space, a significant amount of electrical load, large electrical distribution system, and the fact that it is a long-term community asset makes the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex an ideal hosts for a solar PV array. We congratulate the City of Williams Lake on their continued progressive and measurable climate action initiatives. Williams Lake is preparing themselves for the future by investing in long-term low carbon energy assets, and infrastructure upgrades.

System Performance Highlights

System TypeRoof TypeRacking SystemPhotovoltaicsInvertersBuilding OperatorTotal Peak System Capacity
Grid-tied photovoltaicflat, torch-onballasted flat roof mounting system(500) 455W solar modulesparalleled string invertersCity of Williams Lake227.5kW dc