Allen Ave. Cumberland Home

Discover how Corre's environmental motivations led her to embrace solar energy, reduce reliance on hydro electricity, and join the transition to renewable energy in Cumberland.

Our clients come to us with a wide range of backgrounds and energy objectives. Some arrive at the solution of solar from learning about the financial incentives, others from social, or environmental motivations. Solar energy has the potential to meet a variety of motivations, and provides value in more ways than one.

As Cumberland resident Corre became aware of the destruction taking place in the Peace River Valley in order to develop the Site C hydro dam, she took action. The Peace River Valley is a precious wildlife corridor, fertile farmland, and home to many. The environmental destruction taking place in the Peace River Valley in order to build BC Hydro’s largest hydrodam assets to date, was one of her main motivations for purchasing a solar energy generation system. Her inspirations were rooted in desire to reduce her home’s reliance on utility provided hydro electricity. Corre had been an advocate for solar technology, and was keen to get involved in the growing industry.

In 2022, Corre reached out to Hakai to get a solar energy system built on the south-facing roof of her Cumberland home. The sloped asphalt shingle roof presented itself as the ideal host for solar array. Hakai designed, installed and commissioned a (16) 360W solar panel array, with a 5.76kW capacity. The system was installed with microinverters, and partnered with an online monitoring portal. The system is expected to produce over 6,260kWh of electricity per year.


Hakai appreciates the opportunity to grow solar energy in Cumberland. We are proud to be a part of Vancouver Island participation in the transition to renewable energy.