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Builders who are looking to add solar panels to their custom homes and spec builds can rely on Hakai’s years of experience, expertise in grid-tied energy systems and professional hands-on support.

Work with trusted solar experts

Locally owned and operated, Hakai Energy Solutions is one of the most established solar firms in British Columbia. With government incentives, dropping costs and more environmentally conscious consumers, residential solar panels are gaining in popularity across the province. More and more Vancouver Island homeowners are turning to solar energy to lower their energy bills, increase their home value, and lower their dependence on the grid.

Why add solar panels to your custom homes and spec builds

Expected ROI

Hakai has found that the financial ROI of solar in our latitude ranges from 6-13% annually. The range takes into account: the size of the home, the energy efficiency of the home, the type of energy used in the home, the orientation and shape of the roof, any shading from trees, mountains, chimneys or other buildings, and any extra costs to overcome obstacles.

Payback time

Hakai calculates a full payback time between 11 and 15 years, depending on the size of the home, the energy efficiency of the home, the type of energy used in the home, the orientation and shape of the roof, any shading from trees, mountains, chimneys or other buildings, and any extra costs to overcome obstacles.

Viability of solar in our latitude

Solar in our latitude works much better than most people think. The economics of solar technology has improved dramatically and every region — no matter their sun hours — stands to benefit. Even a relatively small installation of 12 solar modules on a home can cut a utility bill by 40% or more, while an installation of eight solar modules would offset the average annual energy consumption of an electric vehicle.


Solar adds distinction to a home. The investment cost and aesthetic features should enhance the saleability of the home while attracting a wider array of home buyers. Homes with solar cost less to live in, and they sell faster than homes without.

Hakai has a proven track record of working with builders to design, build and install solar panels on homes. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions and provide training.

Solar-powered homes on Vancouver Island

Imagine what a solar system will look like on your custom homes with a 3D render. Help clients visualize and understand the minimal impact of solar panels, and their easy integration with existing structures. Example 3D Renders PDF.

Spec home packages

A typical spec home package includes a customized design that results in the best fit for the builder and client. New homeowners often want to expand their new solar arrays post-purchase, and so the layout and electrical capacity should leave this option open. Hakai Energy Solutions works with the builder’s electrician to make sure that the electrical rough-in is adequate for the solar array, and we will install the system after lock-up. We provide the electrical permit, commissioning, and BC Hydro Net metering application for the solar array. Once the new home buyer has moved in, Hakai supports the installation until the client is satisfied.

Hakai specializes in:

Net zero homes

Some builders may be looking to distinguish themselves, or better serve their clients, by building a Net Zero (NZ) Energy home. Net Zero Energy houses are designed with building envelopes that have modelled annual heating energy consumption that is at least 33% lower than reference houses at standard operating conditions. They also have installed solar PV systems of sufficient capacity to produce enough energy to offset the total energy consumption of the house on an annual basis. Hakai Energy has helped many clients achieve Net Zero and can elevate your design and planning process with timely and accurate information. The end product is a home that truly elevates your portfolio, while the client benefits from an annualized energy bill of zero dollars.

Gain CPD points through Hakai

Hakai offers a Continuing Professional Development training course, Solar Energy Systems for Home Builders & Designers, which provides 7 CPD points.

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“I own a green building company that specializes in energy-efficient custom homes. There is a strong and growing interest in adding renewable energy sources to the homes I build aiming for net-zero. The technology is complex and constantly changing in the current rush for advancement and builders like me may consider it risky to include renewables in their projects. Hakai Energy Solutions specializes in energy systems design so they can advise which leading edge of advancements have proven efficiency and reliability. Their team is skilled at installing and integrating renewable energy systems with the BC Hydro grid and off-grid systems. Their technicians are smart and enthusiastic, taking pride in improving their industry and enjoying the challenge of advancement. I have found them to be a pleasure to work with, from design to orders and onsite installations.

Hakai has made my projects shine by providing user-friendly and attractive installations that perform to my high expectations. In the near future, BC building codes will require net-zero ready homes and Hakai is leading the way. I feel fortunate to be working with them.”

– Mark Braaten (Licenced Residential Builder, Custom Home Designer)


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