Lantzville Residential Solar Project

In February 2022, Hakai commissioned one of their largest residential systems to date. This system decreases the home's demand from the utility grid and reduces their electricity bills significantly.

The roof-mounted solar system in Lantzville is comprised of 66 Silfab 360W solar modules. The collective system size is 23.76kW. The sleek low profile all-black solar panels were attached to an aluminum racking system and mounted on the metal standing seam roof. The Hakai built solar system contributes to the homeowners’ investment in energy independence and decreases their carbon footprint. A microinverter system is used to convert the DC energy from the solar array into a usable AC signal. The system decreases the home’s demand from the utility grid, and significantly decreases their electricity bills. The solar system will have an annual solar production of 25,275 kWh and provide an estimated energy offset of 99% for the home. The homeowners are now able to produce and consume electricity with their own clean renewable energy generating system.