Oak Tree Manor is decreasing energy bills and promoting environmental sustainability in the community for decades to come.

Oak Tree Manor


49.161903, -123.936051

February 11, 2022

Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Oak Tree Manor is an independent living facility for seniors in Nanaimo. Oak Tree Manor presented Hakai with the opportunity to design and build a sustainable, renewable energy production system.

The Oak Tree Manor management group had been investigating solar systems for some time, acknowledging the increased quality of the investment. Once they discussed the design and building options with Hakai, they knew they were ready to pursue a roof-top solar PV installation.

Hakai Energy Solutions designed a grid-tied system with a total system capacity of 48.43kW. With maximum solar panel capacity achieved, the system comprised (87) 435W and (29) 365W solar modules. This system is estimated to produce up to 50,850kWh per year. Based on annual electricity usage from previous years, the solar system will offset roughly 14% of Oak Tree Manor’s energy demands.

Now that the system has been commissioned, Oak Tree Manor has the ability to generate its own electricity every day for the next 35-40 years. The solar system addition to Oak Tree Manor will decrease energy bills and promote environmental sustainability in the community for decades to come.

System Specifications

Location Peak System Capacity Commissioning Date System Type Photovoltaics Inverters
Oak Tree Manor, Nanaimo 48.43kW December 2021 Solar photovoltaic grid-tied roof-mounted (87) Longi 435W and (29) Longi 365W PV modules 1 SolarEdge 43.2kW


System Performance Highlights

Annual photovoltaic energy generation Estimated Lifetime Cost Savings Payback Period
47,194 kWh $257,835.39 13 Years

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