Municipal Scale Solar Project, Lillooet BC

Located on the Traditional Territory of the St’át’imc Nation, and known as the heart of the Lillooet Community, the R.E.C. Centre presented itself as the ideal existing infrastructure to host a solar photovoltaic array.

April 3, 2023

The District of Lillooet prides itself on its rugged, coastal mountain landscape. In keeping with the community’s vision to invest in protecting and sustaining their beautiful community the District of Lillooet requested an energy audit be completed for their R.E.C. Centre, to identify gaps in energy efficiency.

One of the major recommendations presented by the energy audit included the installation of a solar energy system. This recommended infrastructure upgrade will offset the facilities reliance on provincial utility for electricity. Once project funding was established, Hakai Energy Solutions was selected to apply our extensive solar PV experience and deliver the solar project. The scope included designing, procuring and constructing a 100kW solar PV energy system. The R.E.C. Centre’s roof was the perfect host for the 228 solar panel array.



System Performance Highlights

System Type Annual PV Energy Generation Total Peak System Capacity Payback Period Displacement of Utility Electricity
Grid-tied photo-voltaic 127,800kWh 100kW ~17 years 18%

Hakai Energy Solutions continues to be dedicated to working with communities to develop energy systems that are sustainable and cost-effective while providing reliable power year-round.

Employing their decades of industry experience, the team at Hakai Energy built a 100kW turnkey solar energy generation system. The Grid-Tied Solar PV array was built onto the sloped roof above the pool at the R.E.C. Centre.  

Since the R.E.C. building is a community hub, Hakai Energy thought it would be fitting to incorporate a screen displaying live feeds from the solar array’s energy production. This monitoring portal produces real time and historical production data. A renewable energy system becomes tangible and engaging when local residents are able to track and view actual energy yields.  

The photovoltaic project has reduced the costs of municipal operations while bringing an awareness to local residents, government, and tourists as to the potential of solar energy and importance of establishing reliable, renewable energy sources for future generations to come.