August 9, 2023

Earlier this year, in May of 2023, Hakai Energy Solution’s was awarded the COR Certification through the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance. The Certificate of Recognition is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety systems that meet an industry standard. Throughout the past 2 years, the team at Hakai has been improving our occupational health and safety program, working to understand the potential hazards and risks our crew are exposed to. As we continue to learn and educate ourselves on the best ways to sustain the team’s health, we mitigate the potential of illnesses and injuries. Throughout this process, we identified gaps in our safety program, and learnt ways to improve the safety standard within our field of work. The solar industry is a relatively young one, which in turn means the understanding of safety in this field of work is minimal. Combining our decades of trade knowledge and the teams diverse professional background, we developed a comprehensive occupational health and safety program. The health, safety and wellbeing of Hakai Energy employees continues to be the number one priority in all company operations.

Obtaining the COR Certification is a multi-faceted process. The certification is offered by WorkSafeBC and delivered through Certifying Partners. The BCCSA is the COR Certifying Partner for employers in the construction industry. As an Electrical Contractor specializing in renewable energy, Hakai Energy Solutions fall under the umbrella of the BCCSA. Once the BCCSA identifies your company meets the prerequisites of the program, an external auditor is hired to conduct an audit of the organization’s Health and Safety program, assessing its application to daily company operations. This audit consists of reviewing 14 elements, predetermined by the BCCSA and industry standards, spanning a timeline of 45 days. Once complete, the report is sent for quality assurance, and a certification is issued to companies who have proven they meet the standard. The process is challenging and rewarding, as it promotes attitude shifts, and supports the priority of positive safety culture. We are proud to be COR certified and continue to improve our understanding of comprehensive health, safety and wellbeing. If you are interested in learning more about the COR Certification, visit the BCCSA’s website.