Solar Panel for Grid-Tied System

Grid-Tied Solar Installation

Hakai Energy Solutions can help you take control of your energy costs with a high-quality grid-tied solar installation. Take advantage of both solar power and grid power to create an efficient and reliable system.

What is a residential grid-tied solar system?

A grid-tied or on-grid electrical system is simply a solar system that is connected to the electrical grid. This means that the home or business can draw from both power sources and have an efficient supply of power.

If the solar power system is not producing enough electricity, it will start pulling from the grid, and if it produces more than necessary, it will put energy back into the grid which is stored as a credit for future power usage.

Benefits of a grid-tied residential system:

Lower costs

On-grid solar power systems require less specialized equipment than off-grid systems since they don’t need battery banks, which makes both the hard costs and the installation less expensive.

Fewer panels needed

Less space and fewer panels are required because the system can pull from the grid if it does not, or can not, generate enough power.

More efficient

Solar power systems that have the ability to send excess energy back into the grid are more efficient than off-grid systems whose storage capacity is limited by battery banks.

Low to no maintenance

Since there are no moving parts in a solar energy systems, there is low to no maintenance required to keep them up and running.

Ease of installation

All of the products required for a grid-tied solar system are stocked at our warehouse which means that from quote to installation can be completed in approximately 2 weeks or less.


When the solar power system produces more power than is used, the excess is sent back into the grid and saved as credit. If it produces more annually than is used, the system owner is considered a “Net-Generator” and is paid per KWh for the excess.

Is a grid-tied residential system right for you?

When making an investment in solar panels, you need to know what’s possible for your location. Hakai’s experienced crew can help you find an energy solution that works for you and your unique situation.

The first step is a free call with a qualified installation specialist. They will focus on your goals, space restrictions, budget, and structure. They will then look at your site location with satellite imagery to measure out and map the structure so that they can give you a preliminary quote.

Hakai’s surveying crew will also come to your site and develop a model of year-round sun exposure and shade points. Before any work starts you’ll know the energy production potential and cost of your solar panel installation.

Installation of a grid-tied home solar system

Hakai Energy maintains consistency in quality by investing in its employees for the long term. Our experienced staff will provide a neat, professional installation that preserves your roof’s warranty and improves the value of your home. We’ll complete your application for the BC Hydro net metering program. We’ll set up remote monitoring so you can log in and see your energy production.


See how much you can save on a new solar energy system!