The Qualicum Beach Elementary School has made a long-term investment in reducing carbon emissions for decades to come.

Qualicum Elementary School

Qualicum Elementary School

49.351188, -124.472659

February 9, 2022

The Qualicum Beach Elementary School is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island and serves as one of the K-7 primary schools in the town of Qualicum Beach, School District 69.

Hakai Energy Solutions was pleased to present School District 69 with the proposal to design, supply, install and commission a solar PV generation system on the rooftop of the Qualicum Beach Elementary School. With the ability to generate electricity, the school will protect itself from escalating utility prices while ensuring the school is utilizing clean emission solar electric power. The system consists of (150) 405W solar panels, generating a system capacity of 60.75kW, with an estimated annual energy production of 66,970kWh. Qualicum Beach Elementary School will be one of the first commercial sites in Canada to be equipped with these high-output PV panels.

Along with the solar array, Hakai installed 3 Tesla Powerwalls, which will provide seamless backup power for critical loads during outages. The system will significantly reduce the school’s environmental impact while producing carbon-free energy every day for the next 35-40 years. The adaptation of solar energy systems contributes to the school district’s long-range facilities plan, which includes a Carbon Neutral Capital Program. In addition to the solar project, the school district continues to look long-term at carbon emission reduction strategies and has completed energy efficiency upgrades to its lighting systems. The Qualicum Beach Elementary School has made a long-term investment to commit to reducing carbon emissions for decades to come.


System Specifications

Location Commissioning Date System Type Photovoltaics Inverters
Qualicum Beach Elementary School, Qualicum Beach November 2021 Solar photovoltaic grid-tied room mounted (150) Longi 455 W PV modules 1 50kW SMA Core1 string inverter


System Performance Highlights

Annual photovoltaic energy generation Peak System Capacity Cost savings per kWh compared to diesel alternative Payback period
66,970kWh 60.75kW 16 Years

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