A remote environmental research station required a different approach to power generation. We delivered a ground-breaking, new hybrid power system.

Calvert Island Field Station

Calvert Island, British Columbia

51.654334, -128.130069

After 17 years of full time dependency on diesel fueled gensets, this off-grid site made a bold investment in renewable energy integration.

Concerned with remote site logistics and rising energy costs, the founder of the institute struck a bold new path. The design was to be wide sweeping and include high penetration of PV energy at a scale that had not yet been achieved in modern renewable energy systems.

New technology was sought out that could achieve this lofty goal - renewable systems integration on a large commercial scale. At that time, however, that product was in its infancy and not yet commercially available. Working with the manufacturer and other experts, Hakai Energy Solutions rebuilt the Island’s energy grid from the ground up.

This project was to become a new benchmark in the renewable energy integration industry.

Aerial view of the research station

Up until 2010 the site burned up to 500 liters of diesel fuel per day. After the inclusion of a 3 phase modular inverter system, 50 kW PV array and battery system, by 2011 the site’s diesel consumption had dropped to under 100 liters daily.

During that time, guest capacity more than doubled and new buildings were constructed which increased energy consumption. At the same time, energy reduction was achieved through a demand side management program and the inclusion of a heat recovery system on the generator to supply heating loads.

The experienced gained and relationships built with manufacturing and engineering partners were key to the development of our expertise in this field. Subsequently, Hakai Energy Solutions has been sought after by other clients and manufactures alike to deliver new, advanced off grid systems that change the way alternative energy is implemented today.

Diesel generator supply power when sun does not shine. Battery banks store power for later use.
Solar panel installation on Calvert Island.
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