Remote Monitoring Systems

We build tough and reliable remote monitoring systems that change the way businesses and scientists work.

Purpose-built for your application

While each remote station is customized to meet the needs of the application, they all share a few common elements. Our stations are fully autonomous, powered by an energy system that endures year-round abuse from challenging environmental conditions. Data is transmitted by cellular, satellite, or other radio network technology. It’s all secured and supported in a purpose-built apparatus that’s withstood every test our clients have subjected it to. Give us your measurement or monitoring requests, and we can build a dependable system around your sensor array or capture device.

  • Web cams and video feeds from remote locations
  • Weather and atmospheric stations
  • Water composition monitoring
  • Fuel system monitoring
  • Flight navigation and safety
  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Marine environment monitoring
  • Long term environmental research

Tough Enough for British Columbia

We’ve installed remote monitoring systems everywhere from 6,000ft elevation in -35C to below the raging surf of the BC coast. Our innovative assemblies and rugged build allow you to collect data in any environment with incredible reliability. Our network of over 40 scientific sensor stations spread throughout the coastal rainforest has set a new standard for reliability.

Remote Data Available Now

Don’t wait for a weather window, charter a boat, hike for a day and hope that your monitoring station has been collecting data for the past six months. All data collected by our remote monitoring systems can be transmitted directly to your base in close to realtime. Directly connect to your remote device to view data, update programming, stream video, and more.

Efficient Implementation

Our adaptive, cost effective approach can yeild maximum results, avoiding the lengthy and expensive consultation and engineering cycle. As systems integrators, we efficiently consult and design, saving your budget for implementation. We’ve successfully deployed sensor networks with over 20 nodes in a single working season.

Case Study: Calvert Island Field Station

Hakai’s remote monitoring systems let the Tula Foundation change the way science is done on the coast, giving them instant data from an amazing sensor array. Read on to see what we’ve helped make possible.

Discuss your application with an experienced technician.